Our Team

TWS currently employs five specialized Scientists, three Water Quality Scientists, an Operations Manager, two Water Quality Technicians, an Undergraduate Chemical Engineer and an Office Manager.

Dr. Kevin BolandManaging Director & Principal Scientist - B.App.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr Boland has over 30 years of experience in water quality management and is nationally and internationally recognized as an authority in Tropical Limnology and water quality. He has specialist expertise in environmental hydraulic modeling, predictive water quality modeling and seasonal water quality fluxes in tropical lakes, reservoirs, water filled mining voids and wetlands.  Dr Boland is also an author and editor of numerous papers and articles on water quality and is a past Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Water Research at the University of Western Australia.

Dr Boland has received a recognition from the Northern Territory Water Awards 2016 as the Water Professional of the Year and was in the National finals in 2017. This demonstrates his long trajectory as a scientist.

Tony Boland|Operations Manager and Principal Technician

Tony has undertaken field sampling programs in some of the most remote areas of Australia and has worked with stakeholders from a variety of cultural backgrounds including traditional Aboriginal communities in sacred areas. He has executed complex field sampling programs on behalf of numerous NGO’s, Local and Federal Agencies. Tony has a comprehensive working knowledge of water quality instrumentation and extensive experience working with remote data loggers for use in weather, hydrographic and water quality monitoring stations.

Lenin Villamar|Senior Water Quality Technician - Bachelor of Science in Fisheries

Lenin has a Bachelor degree in Fisheries from Central Luzon State University. Previous work experience includes Laboratory technician working on vaccines for fish, technical supervision of aquaculture farming management, sales manager for a fish feed company, Pearling boat foreman and logistics supervisor for National freight company. He has extensive experience in freight logistics management. 

Lenin is a valuable asset to the company with his vast boating experience, he currently executes water quality sampling in Darwin Harbour, Adelaide River catchment, Darwin River Reservoir, Manton River Reservoir and a number of local waste water treatment plants.

Dr. Sandya Nanayakkara|Water Quality Scientist 
Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering.

Sandya has completed her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Environment Engineering at Queensland University of Technology and Bachelor degree in Civil and Environment Engineering at University of Ruhuna. She offers broad experience in environment monitoring programs including setting/identifying program objectives, designing monitoring program, field sampling, laboratory analysis, data analysis and interpretation and reporting. Dr Sandya has also published journal articles and presented her research outcomes in international conferences.

Victor Calderon|Field Scientist - Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology

Victor holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology from Palawan State University, Philippines. Before joining TWS, Victor has served as a professional diver, Farm Foreman, Research Assistant/ Marine Park Ranger and Data Enumerator in many projects and acquired experience in working in pearl farm projects, engaging in numerous cetacean and fish visual surveys, as well as fisheries research. He holds a current Masters Class V ticket and possesses vast experience in boat handling and water related projects.

Victor currently assists in monitoring water quality in Darwin River Reservoir & Manton River Reservoir including compilation of data for scientific evaluation and preparation of operational and monthly technical report.

Lilly Furlonger|Chemist - Bachelor of Science (Chemistry and Biochemistry Major)

Lillian completed a bachelor’s degree in science, majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry and graduated with First Class Honours at Charles Darwin University in 2005. In recognition of her thesis “Sources of Sediment in the Daly River, Northern Territory”, she received the NT Research and Innovation Youth Award and was a State Finalist (NT) Young Australian of the Year. Before joining TWS, Lillian worked in the laboratory at the Gove bauxite mine and alumina refinery where she developed skills in the Bayer Process, power plant chemistry, cooling systems, and surface wastewater and process bore monitoring associated with operational discharge licensing. Prior to this, Lillian worked as a technician in the NTG DBIRD Water Microbiology Laboratory.

Paul Henshaw|Field Technician 

Paul Graduated from Wonthaggi Technical College. He was employed as a Compliance Officer by TWS in 2013 and experienced in sampling waste water, treated effluent, potable supply waters, standing waters, marine waters, rivers and streams for a range of analytical determinants. 

Paul currently executes routine operational waste water sampling and monitoring programs at all greater Darwin PWC waste treatment plants. He has also assisted in the execution of water quality surveys in Darwin Harbour, Adelaide River system and Manton Dam with a view to expanding his knowledge of the industry and increasing his capacity to undertake project management of ongoing sampling programmes. Paul hold a Coxswains Certificate Grade 2 while his training as a lifeguard has brought an excellent understanding and proficiency in the use of small boats in sometimes extreme weather/water conditions. He has become a great asset to the company, owing to his experience, knowledge and commitment to further learning.

Daniel Lane|Chemical Engineer - Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering)

Daniel is employed by TWS as a Chemical Engineer. Daniel completed his Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from Charles Darwin University.

Daniel is currently familiarizing himself with the professional, regulatory and OHS&E requirements of the water resource & science industry. He is working with TWS professional and technical staff in field monitoring programs and is being mentored by Dr.Kevin Boland and Dr.Sandya Nanayakkara to progress his assessment and reporting skills.

Quentin Vanda-Mower|Water Quality Technical Assistant

Quentin is employed by TWS as a Water Quality Technical Assistant. He joined TWS in August 2019, after completing Certificate III in Aquaculture at Charles Darwin University, Australia. Quentin is also a Qualified Skipper (Coxswains Certificate Grade 2).

Quentin assists in routine water quality monitoring and sampling projects in the context of source water supply reservoirs, potable reticulation and wastewater treatment plants including discharge receiving environments. He also assists in preparation of logistics for sampling events, performing pre-field calibration and post-field checks for specialist water quality instrumentation and recording and dispatching of samples to NATA accredited service laboratories. Quentin has experience in the use, calibration and maintenance of the water quality monitoring instrumentation: Hydrolab Quanta & DS5X submersible water quality probes and sondes, Hach 2100 series Digital Turbidity meters, Hach Pocket Colorimeters and Hach/Isco Auto-Samplers.

Asha Gajanayakage|Office Manager - Bachelor of Business Administration

Asha graduated from University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Before joining TWS, she served as an Administrative Coordinator in a Sri Lankan private university and acquired +8 years of experience in office administration.

Asha currently assists in routine office procedures and documentation of TWS projects. Her knowledge and experience in office administration are of great benefit to TWS.