Tony Boland, Managing Director

Tony has over 25 years of experience in remote area field logistics related to water monitoring and investigation programs and has extensive technical skills in the fields of surface water, groundwater, environmental waters, potable water, and wastewater management. He has executed field sampling programs in some of the most remote and climatically hostile areas of the world and has worked with stakeholders from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, including Aboriginal communities and sacred areas. 

Tony has undertaken complex field sampling programs on behalf of numerous research organizations, NGO’s and State/Federal government agencies, and has extensive experience working with remote, autonomous data loggers for use in meteorological, hydrographic, and water quality monitoring systems.

Tony maintains relationships with manufacturers in Australia, Canada, the USA, Germany, Indonesia, and Japan, to maintain a comprehensive working knowledge of current water instrumentation technologies.


Dr. Kevin Boland, Director & Principal Scientist, B.App.Sc., Ph.D.

Kevin has over 40 years of experience in water quality management. He is nationally and internationally recognized as an authority in Tropical Limnology and water quality.

Kevin has specialist expertise in environmental hydraulic modelling, predictive water quality modelling, and seasonal water quality fluxes in tropical lakes, reservoirs, water-filled mining voids, and wetlands. He has managed laboratories, large teams of personnel and has been commissioned as team leader on major projects throughout Australia, Southeast Asia, and North America.

Kevin is also an author and editor of numerous papers and articles on water quality, past Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Water Research at the University of Western Australia, and current Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Charles Darwin University.

In 2016, Kevin was the inaugural recipient of the NT Water Professional of the Year award, presented by the Australian Water Association NT Branch. 


Lenin Villamar, Senior Water Quality TechnicianB.Sc. Fisheries

Lenin is responsible for the coordination, safety, and regulatory compliance of all field operations undertaken by Trop Water. He has over 15 years of experience in marine aquaculture and laboratory research related to fish and bivalve mollusc culture.

Lenin is directly responsible for the management of several major projects including environmental impact monitoring programs in Darwin Harbour, wastewater and reclaimed water quality monitoring throughout the Darwin Region, execution of the Darwin area National Drugs in Sewage monitoring program and the COVID-19 wastewater monitoring program for the greater Darwin area.

Lenin is a qualified Coxswain (Grade 1), with extensive experience in the management of vessels and crew operating in estuarine waters, marine waters, rivers, reservoirs, and lakes. His skill set is also complimented by extensive experience in complex logistic preparations for sampling programs.


Lilly Furlonger, ChemistB.Sc. (Chemistry & Biochemistry)

Lilly is responsible for a number of investigative projects undertaken by Trop Water, incorporating assessment of site hydrology, investigative sampling program development, collection, compilation and collation of data, including data visualization/trend analysis and interpretation, and the preparation and issuing of scientific and technical reports with reference to client requirements, legislative and regulatory requirements, and non-mandatory guidelines.

Lilly's experience includes operation and supervision of chemistry laboratories (industrial process, environmental, and power generation and cooling towers), operation of water microbiology laboratories (raw, potable and wastewater), data validation systems including instrument data transfer, Laboratory Information Management System (Oracle) and PI ProcessBook (OSIsoft), laboratory methods and procedures, hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control, internal and external audits in accordance with Laboratory Quality Assurance Systems and inter-laboratory benchmarking.

Lilly’s skill set incorporates expert knowledge of the Chemistry and Biochemistry disciplines, having graduated with First Class Honours at Charles Darwin University in 2005. In recognition of her thesis “Sources of Sediment in the Daly River, Northern Territory”, she received the NT Research and Innovation Youth Award and was a State Finalist (NT) Young Australian of the Year.


Asha Gajanayakage, Office Manager, B.BA. (Hons)

Asha is responsible for the management of office administrative procedures, documentation, and Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management Systems relevant to Trop Water’s ISO compliance.

Asha's duties include procurement and invoicing, client administrative liaison, office maintenance scheduling and coordination, and legislative compliance.

Her experience includes 6 years previous tenure as the Administrative Coordinator of the Faculty of Medicine at the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine, Sri Lanka.


Victor Calderon

Field Scientist - B.Sc. in Marine Biology

Victor is responsible for the execution of high priority monitoring programs, designed to inform essential service providers, public health and regulatory bodies. These include; environmental impact monitoring programs in estuary and marine environments, water quality monitoring of surface water storage reservoirs, and potable water supply networks, His skill set incorporates nearly 20 years’ of in-field experience in marine ecology, marine mammal research and the scientific evaluation of water.

Victor holds a Master Class V (Five) certification in vessel operations, commercial diver accreditation and has extensive experience in the use, calibration, and maintenance of a vast array of water quality monitoring instrumentation. He undertakes data compilation and development of operational and investigative technical reports to Trop Water clients.

Victor is also responsible for logistics planning required for sampling events, pre & post calibration of instruments, liaison with NATA accredited service laboratories, and monitoring program scheduling.


Daniel Lane, Chemical EngineerB.Eng. (Chemical Engineering)

Daniel’s responsibilities include the execution of remote area water monitoring programs, the installation and management of remote, autonomous data logger systems, and the development of water management plans for isolated and remote water supplies, incorporating procedures, component configuration, component standards, documentation, and regulatory compliance requirements.

Daniel is proficient in the use, calibration, and maintenance of a wide variety of water quality and quantity instrumentation and executes instrument maintenance/calibration programs for Trop Water clients located in remote regions of the Northern Territory. Having graduated from Charles Darwin University in 2019, Daniel is being mentored by Dr. Kevin Boland and Dr. Sandya Nanayakkara, to develop skills in the field of Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Modelling.


Labin Kumar Magar, Water Quality Scientist, B.Sc. (Environmental Science)

Labin completed his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science at Queensland University of Technology.
Labin is currently responsible for field sampling, observation, and reporting for wastewater treatment facilities throughout the Darwin area. 
His responsibilities also include calibration and maintenance of field instrumentation, field sampling programs, laboratory liaison and freight/transport logistics.
Labin also assists field scientific staff in completing monitoring programs for source water supply reservoirs, potable reticulation networks and wastewater receiving environments. 
He is currently undertaking training in the microscopic identification of algae species, under the guidance of Dr Kevin Boland.

Labin_Photo - Copy.jpg

Quentin Vanda-Mower, Water Quality Technician

Quentin is currently responsible for the preparation and execution of routine water monitoring programs in the greater Darwin area. His responsibilities include calibration and maintenance of field instrumentation, field sampling programs, laboratory liaison and freight/transport logistics.

Quentin also assists field scientific staff in completing monitoring programs for source water supply reservoirs, potable reticulation networks and wastewater treatment plants, including discharge receiving environments. He has completed Certificate III in Aquaculture at Charles Darwin University and is a qualified Coxswain (Grade 2). 

Quentin has experience in the use, calibration, and maintenance of a variety of water quality monitoring instrumentation including; Hydrolab Quanta, DS series and HL series submersible water quality probes and sondes, Hach Digital Turbidity meters and Colorimeters, Auto-Samplers, and peristaltic pumps.