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Trop Water Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2020, as the successor to Tropical Water Solutions Pty Ltd (Incorporated in 2001). Our offices are located in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

Trop Water Pty Ltd was founded by Dr Kevin Boland and Mr Tony Boland. Kevin has over 40 years of experience in water quality science and tropical Limnology, and is recognised internationally for his expertise and contribution to the water industry since 1979. Tony is a water quality technician with 25 years of experience in field logistics, instrumentation, sample collection and handling protocols, and has executed monitoring programs in some of the most climatically hostile and remote regions of the world.

Our team of scientists, engineers and technicians work with local, national and international clients, to provide specialist knowledge and services in the fields of water quality, quantity and modelling, with specific expertise in tropical, sub-tropical and arid environments.  

Our services are in the provision of robust scientific assessment, advice, modelling and associated technical services. We provide interpretive, technical and logistics services to corporate, government and private sectors. Our current project portfolio includes local, state, national and international clients from both public and private sectors.

Our philosophy and approach are to ‘Understand water quality issues and provide detailed, specialist information and expertise to assist and underpin decision making on projects and programs in the environmental, service, utilities, public health, production, and engineering fields’. In all of this, we place Safety as our highest priority.

Our aim is to provide the best technical, engineering and scientific support to water managers in the private and public sectors while:

  • Maintaining our flawless safety record through consistent attention to safety and risk management

  • Respecting and protecting the environment

  • Meeting the changing needs and desires of our clients

  • Pursuing growth and learning for our clients and our staff

  • Keeping abreast of quality, safety and scientific improvements in the industry

  • Maximizing the individual abilities and capacities of all our staff

  • Efficiently and effectively using all company resources

  • Maintaining our passion for water

Our team maintains detailed and current knowledge of local, state, national, and international guidelines, standards, and regulatory frameworks relevant to the water industry. (A list of applicable guidelines and standards is available here)


Trop Water has a diverse team consisting of Australian, Filipino, Sri Lankan, Polish and Indonesian team members, so we are able to provide services and advice in a variety of languages, to better meet the requirements of our international clients.

Trop Water Pty Ltd is certified by ATLAS Certification Pty Ltd to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and ISO 14001:2015 for the provision of specialized information and services in the field of water quality.

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