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Our professional and technical experience includes;

  • Coordination and execution of complex, limnological field testing and sampling programs on Manton River Reservoir, Darwin River Reservoir, Lakes Julius and Moondarra in Mount Isa (QLD), and Lake Argyle (W.A.).

  • Potable water supply and environmental monitoring programs in Kakadu National Park including liaising with traditional indigenous peoples with a range of indigenous cultural backgrounds.

  • Collaborative engagement on behalf of mutual clients for major water quality research projects involving specialist federal government agencies such as; the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), CSIRO, Center for Water Research - University of Western Australia, Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods (RIEL) - Charles Darwin University and The National Rivers Institute.

  • Baseline water quality and quantity monitoring of the Adelaide River catchment, to inform development proposals for a new water storage reservoir for the city of Darwin.

  • Emergency response monitoring and assessment programs on behalf of essential services and public health agencies.

  • Installation and ongoing management of autonomous telemetered monitoring systems in remote areas.

  • Algae and Cyanobacteria identification and enumeration.

  • Remote area field operations and sample transport logistics, to meet laboratory holding times and regulatory compliance criteria.

  • Developing hydrodynamic and water quality modeling responses using One-dimensional General Lake Model (GLM), two/three-dimensional TUFLOW FV, and ‘Aquatic Ecodynamics’ (AED2) water quality modeling software.

  • Complex surface water studies at northern Australian Department of Defence facilities including Bradshaw Field Training Area, Mount Bundy Training Area, Kangaroo Flats, Robertson Barracks, and Tindal Air Base.

  • Independent assessment of groundwater and surface water quality for a range of industry participants, including assessment against regulatory and guideline criteria.


  • Collection, dispensing, and incubation of bacteriological samples for testing for the indicator bacteria E. coli and coliforms in remote areas, whilst maintaining sterile conditions and techniques without the provision of laboratory facilities.


  • Sampling and assessment of potentially contaminated waters including untreated and treated wastewater effluent.


  • Provision of specialist water quality consultancy service to various clients in the context of Waste Discharge licensing, including application processes.


  • Major groundwater investigations in the Daly River basin’s major springs, bores, and surface waters, along with specialist studies of fish stocks using ‘Electro-Fishing’ research techniques.


  • Coordination and organization of sample preservation and dispatch to a wide range of NATA accredited service laboratories. This includes completion of ‘Chain of Custody’ documentation, results receipt and collation, and entry into a range of database systems. TWS technicians routinely enter data into graphic systems using standard Microsoft® software and more advanced graphics including Surfer® and Sigma Plot®.

  • Comprehensive experience in the AUSRIVAS assessment technique including collection and sorting of samples and employing various models and statistical evaluations of data.

Our team has been involved in extensive Studies on;

  • Lakes Julius and Moondarra; the two water supply reservoirs supplying the mining city of Mount Isa in Queensland.

  • Darwin River Dam and Manton Dam; water supply reservoirs supplying Darwin the capital city of the Northern Territory.


  • Lake Argyle; Australia’s largest freshwater lake/reservoir in northern West Australia used mainly for agricultural irrigation purposes and water supply to the town of Kununurra, the regional centre of the Kimberly.


  • Lake Wood; the largest natural lake in the Northern Territory and an extremely important environmental feature of Australia’s arid zone.

In all of the projects that we have been engaged, our safety record is flawless. Safety of our staff, the clients, the public and the environment is our first consideration and our highest priority.

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