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Calibration and maintenance of Water Quality Instrumentation

and Dedicated Field Equipment













Trop Water maintains dedicated water quality instrumentation and equipment including portable and remote monitoring, specialized sampling tools, remote-access vehicles, and specialized water quality sampling vessels with current Australian Marine Safety Authority certification for Domestic Commercial Vessels.

Our team has comprehensive, advanced experience in the maintenance and calibration of a wide range of submersible sondes, remote monitoring stations (Meteorological and Hydrographic), submersible logging equipment, pumps, water and sediment sampling equipment, boats, ATV’s and other dedicated field equipment. These include:

  • Hydrolab, YSI, Horiba multi-parameter probes/sondes

  • HACH Digital and Analogue Turbidity Meters

  • HACH Spectrophotometer – Field and Lab units

  • HACH Chlorine (free residual and total) meters

  • Broader knowledge of independent analytical probes – Turbidity, pH, Temperature, D.O., E.C., ORP probes

  • GRUNDFOS groundwater pump arrays

  • AQUATROLL and Diver submersible groundwater loggers – Depth, Temp, E.C., Pressure

  • Pygmy Flow/Current Meters

  • ISCO, SIGMA and GAMET Autosamplers (LPG Refrigerated, Composite/Discrete)

  • Field Incubators for Bacteriological analysis

  • FTS Environmental Hydrological and Meteorological monitoring systems and instrumentation

  • Fluorometers (Including flow cell applications)

  • Campbells River Gauging loggers – Using ‘Loggernet’ software (Not programming language)

  • Environdata Weather Station Loggers – Operation (Not programming language)

  • Remote Telemetry systems – Satellite and Cellular

  • Basic knowledge of 240V AC and 12V DC Circuits, soldering etc.

  • A wide range of laboratory instrumentation; Centrifuges, vacuum manifolds, titrators, furnaces etc.

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