Sampling and Testing Programs


TWS technical staff have extensive experience in coordinating technical logistics and executing field-sampling and testing programs in marine, freshwater, wetland, groundwater and wastewater environments.


Our technical team is highly skilled in the selection, installation, maintenance and use of a wide range of specialist water, sediment sampling and testing instrumentation and equipment.


Senior technical staff have extensive experience in the selection, assembly and deployment of remote weather and water quality data logging stations, including the provision of telemetry, in highly challenging and remote locations. 


TWS Technical staff have undertaken projects in some of the most remote regions of Australia, working with clients from a wide range of indigenous and international cultural backgrounds.


All technical staff have an extensive working knowledge of the use of 4WD vehicles, ATV's/Quads, small vessels and chartered helicopters.



Consulting and Modelling


Our highly experienced team can provide expert advice on all aspects of potable supply, groundwater, wastewaster, marine and surface water queries.  We assist and underpin decision making on a wide range of projects and programs and provide assistance to those in the service, utilities, production and engineering fields.


Our expert scientific staff provide the highest standard of advice to water supply managers, mining operations, plant operators, regulatory agencies, agricultural users, industrial users and riparian interests.


TWS has extensive experience in the field of Hydrodynamic water quality related modelling.


Furthermore, TWS has extensive experience in providing advice for discharge management and licencing, regulatory requirements and communications with relevant regulatory agencies.