TWS is an Authorized Distributor of FTS equipment and our technical staff have extensive experience in the installation and ongoing monitoring and management of FTS equipment in some of the most remote areas of Northern Australia.

FTS is the primary supplier of EDAS (Environmental Data Acquisition System) equipment to the Water Survey of Canada and their equipment is used extensively by the USGS in several states across the US.




















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FTS has a reputation for high quality, reliable data acquisition and monitoring instrumentation for use in environmental and regulatory monitoring, industrial and mining applications including those in remote regions.

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FTS’s ‘SedEvent’ system is the only turn-key, event-driven, automated grab sampling system for determining suspended sediment loads. The logged turbidity data coupled with actual laboratory analysis of Suspended Sediment at specific thresholds allows turbidity to be correlated to Suspended Sediment concentrations and sediment loads to be computed.

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