Tropical Water Solutions Pty. Ltd. (TWS) was incorporated in 2001 subsequent to operating as a ‘Sole Trader’ since 1995. The Company is located in Darwin, Northern Territory and specializes in water and wastewater quality, science and water and wastewater management services.

TWS provides interpretive, technical and logistics services to Corporate, Government and Private sectors. Our current project portfolio includes local, state, national and international clients from both public and private sectors.

Our philosophy and approach are to ‘Understand water quality issues and provide detailed, specialist information and expertise to assist and underpin decision making on projects and programs in the service, utilities, production and engineering fields’. In all of this, we place Safety as our highest priority .

TWS maintains detailed knowledge of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (2004 and 2011), the ANZECC Guidelines (2000 et al.) and a host of other relevant local government regulatory frameworks.  These are regularly checked for updates and their relevance to particular water and wastewater quality issues.

Our aim is to provide the best water quality, technical and scientific support to water managers in the private and public sectors while:


  • Maintaining our flawless safety record through consistent attention to safety and risk management

  • Respecting and protecting the environment

  • Meeting the changing needs and desires of our clients

  • Pursuing growth and learning for our clients and our staff

  • Keeping abreast of quality, safety and scientific improvements in the industry

  • Maximizing the individual abilities and capacities of all our staff

  • Efficiently and effectively using all company resources

  • Maintaining our passion for water quality